Water is the Bringer of life.
- It;s Fluidity, rejuvinates each and every thing it touches
- It's liquid caress brings peace, while simultaneously grnting energy, vibrancy, activity, delight.

Water falls.
- A fusion of falling water's visual dance and it's attendant auditory roar.
- Creating a naturally moving work of art; eternal liquid descent that embraces beauty, power, fluidity and movement.

Water in ll its forms is the basis of all creation.
- As it falls like a celestial blessing from the heavens, pouring into awaiting branches of trees.
- With leaves open like the outspread arms of a longing embrace
- Water gives birth to a perfect state of bliss.

A Paradise. An Den.
Abundant, lush and well-watered throughout.

Imagine transporting a majestic tropical  rainforest into the heart of the metropolis. A masterpiece that dedicates an equivalent water features, an abundance of amenities and open space.
Conceived to replicate a marvelous symphony of free canopy with rich dense foliage and planted next to a regenerating body of water. An oasis of serenity and solitude amidst the city's ever-quikening pace.

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