The Towers

- Six towers lavish you with private, uninterrupted views of dazzling Makati Skyscrapers across the bridge, the vibrant skyline to the North or the tranquil water down below.

- Acqua's building are named after some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The Sutherland tower, inspired by New Zealand's Famous falls, Iguazu tower from Brazil, Detifoss tower from Iceland, Victoria tower from Zambia, Yosemite tower taking its name from the famouse North American national park and it's waterfalls.

From the raging river to the Mighty Plunge Embracing the Enigma of " The Maid of the Mist", A fusion of amazing beauty and astonishing power.

NIAGARA - straddling the international border between Canada and the US, Niagara falls remains one of the most photographed waterfalls in the world. It is renowed for its magnificence and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power, managing the balance between form and function.

This magnificent aesthetic brings inspiration to the Niagara Tower, the first building set to rise at Acqua Private Residences. The Niagara ascends 42 storeys high with around 400 units dacing the Makati-Rockwell, Manila and mandaluyong Skyline.

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